Adhoc IT Support

Many organisations sometimes need pay as you go IT Support, whether it be temporary cover or you just have infrequent issues. In the long run it can work out much more cost effective letting us support you as and when you need us. It’s perfect for meeting budget requirements. We can offer a guaranteed and agree fix price with a ceiling on billable hours. There is no prebooking or block purchasing required. Allowing us to offer you pricing up front at our standard hourly rates.

Adhoc IT Support is perfect for those once off IT issues, assisting IT departments IT staff, emergency IT support issues and consultation services. We provide progress updates and communication throughout any issue if and when required.


Our friendly and dedicated team of IT consultants can provide you with ongoing expert advise, knowledge and guidance. With a wide range of skills from networking, security planning and infrastructure we can help you with any project no matter how big or small.


No contractual times

With our Ad-Hoc IT Support you will have access to our team knowledge, skills, technology and solutions with out being tied to any permanent commitment, giving you the best of both worlds! We will ensure you receive the same high standards of professionalism and support that is enjoyed by all our customers.


From call out, to parts ordering, to fixing your issues, we will have you back up and running again in no time – leaving you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.


No hidden costs - All of our costs are set from day one

Easily budget for monthly IT support - We offer fully flexible packages to suit all

Unlimited support - we offer unlimited support to all clients


Available during office hours.


Our adhoc IT services is ideal for smaller businesses who perhaps do not have the budget ready for a regular monthly service plan.


Contact us now to get started with our Adhoc IT Services.